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It’s no secret: I want kids—especially my kids—to be readers.

But finding the right books for your kids to read isn’t always easy.  How can you, a busy parent, uncover good titles for your kids?  Talk to your local bookseller or librarian.  Or stay seated at your computer and keep reading, because Uncharted Parent—with the assistance of a few like-minded book people—is here to help.

Below you will find several lists and links to resources for finding great books for kids.

I’ll add to this page as appropriate.  If you see something wonderful that you think would make a great addition, please feel free to e-mail me at unchartedparent[at]unchartedparent[dot]com and let me know.

Oh, and if you want to purchase any of these books, you can link to the IndieBound or Amazon logo on the right side of this page.  (And yes, full disclosure, this struggling writer does obtain a minor economic benefit.  So thank you.)

Here are the links.  Happy reading!

* First up is my own Shelfari bookshelf, where you will find the clickable covers of some of my family’s favorite children’s books.  They may comprise an eccentric collection, but we love ‘em.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

  • Here’s a terrific list of books for young people compiled by Susan Orlean at her Free Range blog on The New Yorker website.  Orlean put out a request on Twitter for titles that “changed kids’ worlds,” and this list was the result.  You’ll have to do a bit of sifting, but there is something here for every taste and every age.  Here’s the link to “Halibut Bones“; print and keep.
  • Some people like his books, some people don’t, but you can’t argue with James Patterson’s website to turn kids into readers.  ReadKiddoRead is “Dedicated to making kids readers for life” and is the place to turn if you want recommendations structured by age, ability, gender, etc.  Reading is serious business for this author, and he’s walking the walk with this site: ReadKiddoRead.
  • Writer/doctor/one of my Twitter pals Kathy Crowley blogged at Beyond The Margins about the magic of books she discovered or rediscovered through her kids.  Her list is shorter than the ones above, but there are some great titles on it and you may find yourself wanting to share several of the books mentioned there with your kids even before you’re done reading.  Here’s “Books My Kids Found for Me.”