“True Confessions of a Stalker Mom”

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Who, me?

Well, yes. And I’m the last person I would have expected to turn into such a thing.

“I am not a helicopter parent, but when my son went away to camp, it took less than 24 hours for me to become his stalker.” You can read the rest at Cognescenti, WBUR’s ideas and opinions page.

Fellow parents, watch out; for all you know, there’s a hidden stalker lurking somewhere inside you, too.

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10 Things Not to Say to Adoptive Parents

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I’ve written about this topic before, but this is the new and improved (and rewritten) version.  Please check out my latest article, published today on Babble.com: “10 Things Not to Say to Adoptive Parents–especially in front of their kids.”  (And for you adoptive parents out there, there are also some thoughts for you to offer in reply when you do hear these things.  And you know that you do.)

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An Essay and a Review

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Please click below to read my two latest articles, published today at InterfaithFamily.com.


In “But Mommy, Why Do I Have to Go to Religious School?,” I offer an answer to six-year-old “Jack’s” proverbial question, one that has been repeated by innumerable children for years and, no doubt, in many religions.

In “How Many Pieces Does It Take to Make a Person?,” I review A.M. Homes’s The Mistress’s Daughter, a memoir of the author’s journey of meeting her birthparents and coming to grips with the multiple layers of her identity.

Happy reading!

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