Uncharted Parent is away this week, but I haven’t left you without anything to read. Here are some articles that grabbed my attention recently and made me think. Comments? You know where to put ‘em!

“Teenagers, Dealing With Addiction, on What Might Have Helped,” by Jessica Lahey – Jessica is a smart writer and an expert to boot. This post on The New York Times’s Motherlode blog really made me reconsider how I talk to my kids about drugs. Specifically, I hadn’t thought about being forward about why some kids—and adults–like to use drugs. But this piece makes sense.

“Inhalant abuse: why and how parents should talk with kids,” by Shannan Younger – You’d think with all the horrors I’ve discussed with my kids, I’d have covered the whole playing field. Apparently not. Sigh. At ChicagoNow.com.

“To the Well-Intentioned But Ignorant Parents of Teenagers,” by Kayla Nicole – I must get better about monitoring my kids’ internet use. I must get better about monitoring my kids’ internet use. I must stop typing and actually go look at what my kids’ have been doing on the internet. At HastyWords.com.

“Rock On: Getting Your Teen to Talk,” by Elaine Reese, Ph.D. – Okay, I’ll try anything. Now how do I fit that chair in my kitchen? At PsychologyToday.com.

“Just Boy Banter or Tween Mean,” by Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D. – Kind of relates to the previous article. Boys this age often won’t talk about it. At PsychologyToday.com.

Now, after reading all of that, go play with a puppy or something.

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