End of summer

It’s that part of summer when camps have ended, school has not yet begun and the days are all running together. Work of any kind requires either that I hire a sitter or that I somehow concentrate while being: a) stared at; b) talked at; or c) actually, physically pawed. (And I’m not talking about the kittens.)

But if I make it sound like I can’t wait for school to start, I’m only telling half the story. Yes, it will be nice to write a sentence without someone asking me if he can have a cookie or if she can have six-and-a-half extra minutes of screen time. Maybe I did buy most of the required school supplies in July. And I discovered this excellent list and checked out some of the links: 55 Best Back-to-School Articles for Parents.

But I’ve also been conscious this summer of how my eleven-year-old son has grown so much, he’s likely to be as tall as I am within two years. My eight-year-old daughter understands things about the dynamics between older boys and girls in ways that both impress and terrify me. The kids and I have shared jokes, made a point of seeking out fun activities together, and even talked about life–when they weren’t looking. (I’ve got to sneak those serious conversations in when “Jack” isn’t expecting them.)

I’m afraid if I stop paying attention for a even few minutes, my kids will be in high school and driving, and this unique period of development that lies between little kid and sullen teen will have escaped my grasp forever.

We’ve got less than two weeks before the true craziness of school and work and driving to  activities and holidays and so on kicks in. I’m going to take in as much summer as I can with my kids for these last few days. I hope you get a chance to do the same.

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