This week, I’m introducing a new mini-series to the blog.  Once per week for the next few weeks, I’m going to answer a basic question about adoption. 

In the course of countless conversations I’ve had about adoption over the past ten years, many of the same questions have cropped up over and over again.  At the beginning, I was the one asking them.  Now I find myself giving the answers, both to people who are interested in becoming adoptive parents and to people who want to understand more about the adoptive families they meet in their lives.

What this series will be: Basic, non-legal answers to common questions.  For example, I’ll begin this Thursday by outlining the three fundamental types of adoption available to prospective adoptive parents in the United States.  Why?  To serve as a primer for prospective parents?  Well, that’s certainly one possibility, but I also want to introduce this information to the non-adoptive community as well.  I’ve learned over the years that most people who make negative assumptions about why parents choose to adopt internationally have no idea that there are different types of adoption in this country and that those types of adoption differ in fundamental ways.  In almost every case, once I’ve presented this information, the individual concerned has reconsidered his or her initial assumptions.

What this series won’t be: A comprehensive, A-Z guide to adopting a child.  Those resources already exist, and anyway, that’s not really what this series is about.  I’ll try to provide a few links where appropriate to help prospective adoptive parents and any other readers looking for more information.  But my primary goal here will be to give the wider community—that’s pretty much anyone who’s interested—the tools needed to understand the role that adoption plays in all of our lives.

Got a question?  If you have a question about adoption, here’s your chance to ask!  Please e-mail your question to me at unchartedparent[at]unchartedparent[dot]com, and if it fits in with the series, I’ll try to answer it. 

First up: this Thursday – What are the 3 basic types of adoption available to prospective parents in the U.S.?

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